Features And Amenities Of A Well-Equipped Dance Studio

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Features And Amenities Of A Well-Equipped Dance Studio

6 April 2017
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Dance is a performance art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. Dance performers of many different styles and cultures practice and perform their art in dance studios. These studios have certain amenities to accommodate the requirements and needs of dancers. If you are a dancer and want to use or rent a good dance studio, look for one with the following features and amenities:

Ballet Barre:  One important feature of a good dance studio is multiple ballet barres. These hardwood ballet barres should be installed on each wall of the studio at different heights to accommodate tall and short dancers. Ballet barres are about 2 inches in diameter and are mounted on metal extension studs and mounting brackets. Dancers use these ballet barres for balancing and stretching. 

Hardwood Sprung Floors:  A well-designed dance studio will have traditional hardwood sprung floors throughout. Hardwood sprung floors are springy and can give dancers a bounce when dancing. Hardwood sprung floors also absorb shocks and have a soft feel when used as a dance surface. Hardwood sprung floors should be installed upon a resilient subfloor such as high-density rubber or vinyl padding. Hardwood floors should be kept clean at all times and professionally oiled once a year. 

Mirrors:  A good dance studio will have mirrors on multiple walls to reflect dancers from different angles as they practice and perform. These mirrors allow dancers to view themselves as an audience will view them. Dancers use mirrors to correct their form and movement as they learn to perfect their dance steps. Dancers practice these dance steps until they no longer have to think about their movements and can then concentrate on their attitude and the emotions needed to correctly perform their dance sequences. 

Sound System With CD and/or DVD Player:  A good dance studio will have an excellent sound system for playing music. This music system can include a CD and/or DVD player that will be used to play specific dance music. Speakers should be mounted high on the walls near the ceiling to give the best sound quality. A sound room can be a small annex to a dance studio to hold all of the electronic sound components, with a window for a sound technician to view the performers as they dance. 

Chairs and Benches:  A good dance studio will have folding chairs and stackable benches that can be used when needed and then stored away in an auxiliary room or storage area when dancers need to use the entire room for dancing. Chairs and benches are used by dancers to change clothing and shoes and relax between dance sessions. They are also used by audience members when viewing a dance performance. 

Lighting:  A good dance studio will have windows for natural light and will also have professional spotlights mounted on the ceiling for artificial light. These different light sources can help dancers to correctly view themselves during practice and to be adequately lit when performing for an audience. 

When looking for a good dance studio, look for one with the above amenities that you can use during the day and also at night. These hours will give you the greatest flexibility for dance practice and performance. A well-equipped and available dance studio can be a great tool for the amateur and professional dancer.